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in Turkish Republic.

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The United World co for consultation and real estate marketing has been established in year 2015.

It is a professional company specialized in real estate marketing in the Turkish republic and has professional staff members holding advanced degree in the field of marketing and business investment. The company has big and vast experience in the Turkish real estate marketing in addition to its proved potentials in the real estate management seeking always the customer’s optimal satisfaction. The United World A.Ş has an exclusive marketing agreements with several well-known construction companies inside and abroad of Turkey and officially registered in Turkey with (commercial registration No.89693) and a member in the chamber of commerce and industry of Antalya municipality (No.91145).

The company has several branches in various international cities:

  • In turkey (Antalya, Istanbul, Alanya, and Bodrum).
  • In kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Jeddah).
  • In Iraq (Baghdad).
  • In Germany (Koln, Stuttgart).
  • In Denmark (Odensy).


The thought of buying a property in Turkey means that sourcing out a professional real estate company to act as your guide in Turkey becomes your 1st and most important step.

Multiple languages

Communication with United World became easier with our representatives speaking; Arabic, English, Turkish, German, Russian, Dutch, Flemish.

Multiple Cities

Our property coverage extends to major cities in Turkey like: Istanbul, Bursa, Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum and Trabzon.

Visit available real estate projects on the ground so you can evaluate and write down notes on our provided brochures.


Decision making meeting: at this gathering, all filtered projects will be viewed and compared according to pricing, location, size, investment opportunities and public services to provide you with rational and scientific facts needed to simplify the decision making


Contract agreement to be prepared by United World and signed between you and the selected property owner in your preferred language in addition to Turkish.

Title Deed

Start the process of title deed transfer (Tapu) by coordinating between all the parties such as; the local Tapu office and the notarized translator and expeditore

Moving into a New House

Accompany you to furniture and appliances / electronics stores to choose decoration, furniture and appliances / electronics that suit your tastes and needs at best prices.

Why choose us?

  • we are professional company specialized in real estate marketing in Turkish republic.
  • We have professional staff members holding advanced degree, in the field of marketing and business investment.
  • The company has big and vast experience in the Turkish real estate marketing.
  • its proved potentials in the real estate management.
  • Seeking always the customer’s optimal satisfaction.
  • The united world co. has exclusive marketing agreements with several well-known construction companies.

Trusted by Thousands

We are passionate about creating an amazing customer experience and are determined to get you the best results in buying, selling or even investing. United World is your constant partner before, during and after sales.

Wide Range of Properties

The permanent variety of our listing properties offers. created to satisfies your needs and saves your time to choose your dream home.

Financing Made Easy

We always strive for you to get the best price through our strategy to satisfy and maintain our customers and our values at United World.






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Hard Workers

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Our company is operating in greenhouse technologies sector since 2006 and exported to more than 50 countries. Our project company BG GLOBAL BV based in the Netherlands is active in research & development, planning, projecting and supply turnkey greenhouse projects. We make sustainable projects with our powerful partners. With our support offices based in the Netherlands, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Russia we make close contact with our customers in order to provide fast solutions.

We follow the latest technologies as our office based in Maasdijk, the center of greenhouse technologies in the Netherlands. With this knowledge we apply the newest technologies to our projects. Our engineers provide more economic and functional solutions for the investors owing to continuous execution in research & development department. Our main feature is to go through the production and management stage of the greenhouse with our experienced consultants and agronomists from America, Holland and Turkey.


The board of Directors

Your Strategic Partners

Ahmet Hafız

Founder / Sales Director

Fadi Alazem

Founder / Marketing Director

Ismail Saraçoğlu

Founder / Project Director